RECON GS2S Rechargeable Waterproof Dual Arc Plasma Lighter With LED Tri-Phase Flashlight


RECON GS2S Rechargeable Waterproof Dual Arc Plasma Lighter With LED Tri-Phase Flashlight

NEW! In store at the Kit Bag we love and are known for our gadgets here is another one we all love here at the Kit Bag. 

Don’t get caught without a sustainable source of ignition!

*USB Rechargeable

*Full Waterproof Shell

*Windproof  & Splash-proof Arcs

*Tri-Phase LED Torch with SOS

*One Year Warranty

Takes just 1 hour to recharge. With approx. 350 recharge cycles and up to 300 ignitions per full charge, that's at least 90,000 ignitions over the battery life!...

For the Technical Buffs

  • Beam intensity: 100 lumens/ Flashlight modes: High, low and strobe
  • Material: Zinc, aluminium and polypropylene/ Water and windproof plasma
  • USB Rechargeable (cable included)/ Button activated
  • Push-to-open cover/ Locking mechanism
  • Built-in short circuit protection/ Ten-second automatic shut off

    Full Specs

    Dimensions: 9.53cm x 2.54cm (L x W)
    Weight: 64g

    Features : 
    • Lighter: Dual-Arc Plasma
    • LED Flashlight: 3 Modes; High Power, Low Power, Strobe
    • Lumens: 120 (directional)
    • Safety Latch
    • USB Rechargeable
    • Weatherproof/Windproof fire
    • Water resistant¬†
    • Colour: Black
    • Manufacturers Warranty: 2 Years

    Includes :
    • Hanging Strap
    • Micro-USB Cable - 20W AC Wall Adaptor
    • Internal Battery Capacity: 280mAh
    • Power: 1.03WH
    • Input 5V, 0.5 - 2.4A
    • Average Charge Time: 1-2 hrs

    And Some Interesting Information!

It may come as a surprise to our traditional study, that there is a fourth state of matter. This fourth state of matter is called plasma and it is this form that triggers the entire working mechanism of the best plasma lighters. These lighters are very convenient, cool-looking, flame less and environment-friendly substitutes for the traditional fuel lighters and can be used over and over again. Making life more economical, easier and hassle-free for smokers and non-smokers alike.

A handy lighter is definitely one of the most essential tools that come to your rescue at all times! Whether you go camping or you are at home, A kind of best plasma lighter is one of the handy equipment promises to be your friend forever. Overlooked, yet versatile, these type of electric lighters are those compact tool that fits into your pocket easily and has tons of uses. In fact, going camping without a lighter would be a complete nightmare! Smoking, grilling or just lighting a fire ‚Äď plasma arc lighter makes your trip comfortable in every way.


All our lighters are USB Rechargeable. They take approximately 1-2 hours to fully charge and provide anywhere between 250-300 ignitions per charge. The lithium battery is 280mAH and 3.7V. We recommend that  they are not to be recharged using fast charging devices. So rule of thumb... nothing over output more than 2A. If you choose to charge it in your vehicle, we recommend you get a a converter to convert down to 5v -2A.


Yes absolutely! The micro USB cable is provided inside the box. Just plug the USB end into a power source and you can recharge the battery between 350-400 times. We provide one year warranty with every single lighter we make. We sell to ensure everyone is satisfied and happy.

 Choose Black or Cammo

Warning : Keep away from children. Ignite lighter away from face and clothing. Do NOT touch plasma arc. May cause severe burning or electrocution. Be sure to properly secure top cap after use to ensure safety.

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