Genuine New Tapered Diamond Dust Knife Sharpening Rods - Kit Bag Perth



Here's a tool you'll want more than one of! This  Compact Diamond Dust sharpening rod works on any knife you own. Sharpen those dull kitchen knives, use it on your pocket knife, get clean edge on your outdoor tools with blades! This great little sharpener even has a groove for sharpening your fish hooks. At under 5" long, they'll fit almost anywhere, so you'll want more than one! Keep one in your camper or RV, put one in your tackle box, and keep one in your kitchen. Restore new life to those old scissors and knives stuck in that drawer in your kitchen (come on, you know you have one!).


Ideal for Serrated Knives, Fish Hooks etc.

Comes in small case with Pocket Clip