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Israeli Army Bandage



Ideal solution for emergency treatment where every second counts.

This combat proven system is used to staunch blood flow from traumatic hemorrhagicĀ wounds in emergency situations. The sooner the treatment begins the better the victimā€™s chances of survival, particularly in cases of hemorrhaging.

Applications include: Military - medics, soldiers, home first-aid kit, commercial and industrial sites, first respondents, emergency medical services.


  • Designed to be used by both paramedical professionals and untrained people and to facilitate quick and easy application that prevents the caregiver having to search for additional equipment.
  • Allows the injury victim to complete the bandaging operation independently, using one hand, including tourniquet application.
  • Consolidates the functions of numerous, separate pieces of equipment into one easy-to-use unit making treatment more medically and economically efficient.
  • If a tourniquet is required, the closure bar can be removed from above the pressure bar and inserted between the previous revolutions of the wrapping leader 5cm above the wound, over the blood vessel, and rotated.
  • This rotation twists the wrapping leader until the blood flow to the wound site is constricted.
  • After a tourniquet has been achieved, the hooking clips are used to secure and maintain the tourniquet as well as the secondary sterile wound covering which is still in place.
  • The Emergency Bandage consolidates many first-aid devices, such as primary dressing, pressure applicators, secondary dressing and fool proof closure apparatus to secure bandage in place, all within one unit.
  • Choose 6 inch or 4 inch wide

Benefits and features:

  • Focus and control in treatment are enhanced.
  • Significant time and cost savings.
  • Immediate direct pressure.
  • Easy self-application.
  • Consolidation into a single unit.
  • Primary dressing.
  • Pressure applicators.
  • Secondary dressing.
  • Closure bar.
  • Immediate and effective application of direct pressure to the wound may reduce the need for a tourniquet application that are to be avoided and used only as a last resort.


  • FCP02- 6 inch wide dressing. FCP02- 4 inch wide dressingĀ 
  • Patent status: patented and has an approved PCT for Europe and other countries.
  • Regulatory: FDA Listing #: A908484; NATO Reference Number 651031162452; Multi-Purpose Bandage package is CE for Europe.

Compared to current treatments, the Emergency Bandage proves to be an improved life-sustaining device at a competitive price.

All first aid products are used at the purchasers own risk we advise proper training before use.

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